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Becoming a parent is a life changing experience, as in matter of months, the child grows multi-fold. Being ready for surprises, adapting to changes and giving the healthiest response within time is an art which, if not mastered, can be very tiring for the couple .Our parenting workshops make life a little more easy for fathers, mothers and of course for the child too .

Handling kids at various stages is surely not child’s play hence, as a parent, going through the basics of parenting science beforehand is a wise thing to do.


Attending parenting workshops at different stages of a child’s growth makes parenting easy and fulfilling. To make parenting an enjoyable experience while creating happy growing up experiences for child. Teaching proven strategies to parents for maintaining the right amount of endurance while passing personal values to child from early childhood through teenage, youth to adulthood is one of objective parenting workshop.

Parents can help their child achieve optimum performance in various fields, to do this it is essential for parent to upskill themselves, this workshops aim to do just that.


Sessions of 3 hours/topic for each group of parents as per age of their children.

Workshops of 5 hours covering most of topic for particular age group

Parents benefit through learning
The science behind parenting
Handling adolescents
Parenting strategies
About brain and mind at work
Actions and thoughts to be watched
To help your child perform at different stages
Maintain close-knit family ties forever