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Child Development Program aims to incorporate good habits, positive behavior and self-discipline in children. Here we teach the children life skills, social skills, goal orientation and focusing. Children learn in a non-conventional way,this help them to raise there self-esteem and meet challenges of helps build-up their adversity quotient at a young age. Here child gets oriented for “How to remain focused”


Child Development program.
Early intervention for social awareness, decent behavior and being responsible.
Overall Personality Development of a child.
Optimization of physical and mental strength in children, reasoning and logical thinking.
Teaching safety measures and potential hazards.
Improve overall academic performance.
Focusing on goal and meeting adolescent challenges.
Programs aim is optimizing physical and mental strength in children.
Other objectives are to develop reasoning and logical thinking.
Teach safety measures to avoid modern social hazards.
Improve academic as well as non-academic performance. Which in turn bring out dynamic personality of child.
Early intervention helps child to learn to focus on goal while meeting adolescent challenges and peer pressure.
Learn modesty and kind building personal values developing sense of responsibility, bring in social awareness.