About US

Cranium Skill Enablers was founded with an aim to imparting a myriad of skills to children and adults alike, to empower and sustain them. After years of research, Dr. Anju Deshpande zeroed in on some common facts about the India academic and education system of the 21st century. Birth of Cranium. Modern education systems around the world do not prepare individuals to be self-sustaining. The old method of paper-pencil based teaching is destroying the very essence of learning as it is only based on the method of do – fail, do – again, to pass. Failing has become such a dreaded word among both, parents and teachers, and it has evolved into a mass social phobia. This inhibits the child who is then unable to perform to the best of his ability. The child needs a guided tour of learning from playschool to junior college and right until completion of the formal education. Once these dependent individuals face real life challenges, they find themselves suddenly ill equipped. In the face of adversities, rudderless, they succumb to the pressures Unfortunately, many students commit suicide as a result of this pressure. As a mature society, we have the responsibility of taking the time to analyse this situation and act on it. Failure to do so will result in the creation of a weak and ill-prepared generation. Over period of time this pressure has spread among parents who have to answer to society for the average or below-average performance of their child. It seems very clear that we, in the name of modernization, are commercializing the educational system. This has an adverse effect on growing children. We are negatively impacting our children. This means the system is not working.



We can see and differentiate between long-term good and instant gratification todays society as whole people at large are seeking. We believe optimum health and happy environment give highest professional performance . Because we are responsible and highly aware people of a maturing society ,we want to fill the gap which is rapidly widening in every field. We observe that life of average working person is a struggle day in day out ,children and students are facing depression, teachers are suffering from stress burn out. Parents life is not easy. In the name of modern society what have we created ??? Being highly sensitive and slightly sensible we feel there is need to up-skill our self to be aware as society ,we need to ease various pain which are new . This sensitivity is our core strength ,strength which comes only after enduring Pain. Belief that we can elevate pain and construct good things is our motivation , we are building ourselves positively on this acquired strength .We want to change the situation and are not ready to take the things as it is… as they are.