Course Overview

Training to become certified Personal Development Trainer .This unique weekend training is customised for working profesional. Individuals with certain years of experience preferably professionals with science, technology, teaching or corporate background can opt for this training. These experts’ trainers of personal development should be conducting training, seminars and workshops across the country to strengthen the social fabric, create safe and secured society for future generation.

Training Objectives:

► Create a new generation of personal development experts for corporate world
► To train young profesionals in multi-dimensional way and in multiple sectors.
► Developing competent trainers who can harness the optimum performance from human resource.
► Improve performance of organisations reduce attrition rate.
► Providing visibility to dynamic trainers from various field bring them on common platform
► Prepare youth to meet the global social challenges.

  • Get complete know how to become a multifaceted trainer and work as “Freelancer Trainer”
  • Create self-employment and employment for society.
  • Be a social entrepreneur.
  • Become cranium franchisee Manager.
  • Work part time as channel partner
  • Be a franchise Partner
  • 1. Corporate Trainers Training
  • 2. Career Facilitators Training
  • 3. Teachers Orientation Training
  • 4. Child Development Trainers Training
  • 5. Master Trainers Training
  • 6. Integrated “Master Trainers Training”
    • Participants get practice platform
    • Complete course outline for each program. Learn to prepare agenda, calendar and customise program
    • Get ready-made modules, session contents and PPT.
    • Know how to start as professional self-employed Asap.


  • Master Trainers get business plan of Training center.
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  • Total Credit Hours
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