In view of dangers and anti-social activities proliferating around educational institutes, building awareness and teaching soft skills in the early stages of childhood seems important.
We facilitate students to deal with negative feelings, anxieties, resentment and anger by conducting activities like seminars, discussions and management workshops.
Such regular Intervention should help students to get equipped to face adversities.
Venting out emotions without harming others and building empathy for peers will reduce bullying and ease social network pressure ultimately resulting in good performance.
This should, to some extent, immediately provide relief and help school children maintain emotional balance, think rationally, express positively and reduce suicidal incidents in school children.


► Facilitation Services for Schools, Colleges and Institutes
► Upskilling for Teachers in Schools, Colleges and Institutes
► Personality traits monitoring system “DMIT” in schools colleges and institutes
► Group screening with benefit of individual analysis as per requirement
► Build a positive learning environment in academic institutions across the country.
► Create safe, secure and a happy social life by working step-by-step with educational institutes.
► Conduct workshops, seminars, debates, quizzes and positive enquiry sessions in institutions and residential premises.

  • 1. Personality Development and Soft Skills for School Students
  • 2. Career Guidance Cell
  • 3. Personality Development for Schools, Colleges and Institutes
  • 4. Stress Management workshops for Students
  • 5. Stress Management workshops for teachers and parents
  • 6. Lifestyle Orientation Workshops for Parents
  • All the student facilitation services are provided through Single Window Service (SWS) System
  • Services can be availed by all schools for every student by paying notional fees.
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