#On World women's Day ," Pledge Happy women's Decade"

I am writing this article on world women’s day eve after receiving dozens of Happy Women’s day messages.

Today my heart is full of gratitude for my late father, my two brothers, my husband ,my father in law and my son, not to forget my friends ,my life is full of happiness due to their presence in my life.While i am full of gratitude towards god for giving these men in my life, i am also aware ,not many of us women can say similar things to say for themselves.

Having said good things , let me be true to myself and ask ” Is modern women in 21st century is happier than earlier ? answer is a not easy. Yes it is good to see 21st century women in banks and on administrative posts riding aircrafts,and oing mountaineering,i am happy they are scientist and astronauts .It is good to see young girls moving around in city just as young guys (enjoying their new found independence ,urban lifestyle in India ,sometimes in late in night ).I am happy to see equal opportunities being given on various forums including employment .Still it seems to be a superficial picture .We need to peep deeper.

Most women , after taking shoulder to shoulder responsibilities at work ,come home and find themselves alone in kitchen ,near washing machine,folding clothes for whole household.Isn’t it true ??Some may say but we help .how much?? research says women get help from loving husbands and thus are able reduce upto 10 % of workload.Even though women go out for jobs just like men, house hold work like cleaning house,organising wardrobe ,cooking food and even serving it in plates for all members in family is women’s job in most urban household .If we ask help while doing it ,sure we will see some unhappy faces saying ,then what are you useful for ???

Further my heart breaks to tell this ,but yes if a domestic help is absent or a child is sick any guest arrive any extra work on family front even in nuclear family mostly it is left to wives to tackle,and men without conscious guilt will go ahead with his scheduled work, no matter if she is working professional or home-maker she needs to fumble her way out and reach her work place.

Ask any random married working lady is your job appreciated by other ? you will get your answer.

Most indian families,even today prefer to have non working daughter in law. So most of working ladies end up doing more (extra)household work before leaving home and after working hours ,that is to please her (Husbands) family.The money earned by daughter in law is spent for same house hold and it is disapproved to spend even part of it on her earlier (parents and siblings)family. Daughter in laws is scorned off if working till late at the same time lot of appreciation is showered when we she is in traditional role, role of serving .For same reason traditional culture doses are given. However good picture we paint with cultural brush the truth is that women are still struggling to have equal status in workplace and similar is the situation at home.

How many girls have to leave jobs after marriage due to family pressure.How many professional college girls are told to come back home to get married.How many are dictated by male member of family.How many are left with choice to chose between carrier and marriage.how many get the support to continue education or work after marriage.How many of indian parents can boldly say my daughter will not be able to do household work for all other members as we have educated her enough to earn and pay for dishwasher or domestic help,and if at all she does any work in your home it will be voluntary work as and when she wish.

This we are taking about well educated class imagine less educated labor women who get paid less,do all domestic work and face violent ,angry,abusive husbands day in day out.

History shows (i did some research) we are fighters each one of us for sure !! our brain can deal complex issues easily, we have great endurance,we are natural leaders,risk analyst,planners,wealth managers,insurance agents,healers, nutrition providers,caretakers,besides being friendly nature lovers.

Why do we need to be brought in main stream ? we are already in mainstream since long (supportive documents can be shared).And some of us were highly empowered .

If this is for working women what it must be like to be homemaker just imagine,all the thankless hours she puts in for family.Not all women gets this treatment but majority do.

Those lucky like me should be thankful ,to society to bring this change in our lives.

On this Women’s day i say –to all women lets look into our history and build our future .And to men we say celebrate for us ,women being ,cherish us, because we are with you, as partners as mothers as sisters as friends ,we are with you.We know peace, we know love, we know what make you complete or what makes you vulnerable too .We also know what makes us complete .If we are queens ,you would sure be kings.Celebrate that we are ! with you not against you!!!!

Respecting your mother is not sufficient,pl respect every women around .Next to love women needs to be respected,to be listened to, not to be brushed aside .Spread respect for women hood and make women’s everyday a happy women’s day.For my fellow learned we-men think of our less fortunate sisters who are not aware of the power within,and enlighten them awake them, let us all celebrate Happy women’s Decade!!

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