Education System Of India

As far as education goes, I am sure things are changing in our society. why I say “A huge change in our education system, is on the way” is because I am the change.

As a well-qualified convent-educated girl, dedicated professional with a successful career to show off, I learnt most of the thing outside the school !!! And I am damn sure I am not alone.

I did go to well-known schools of the time, rather 4 different schools.Today I boldly announce I do not love my school! “Never did, Never will” no matter what other literate says on TV !!! School Sucks!

I am happy my school days are over, I am happy for myself.But think of those kids still stuck there? Poor fellas… humour aside…

The point is that when a child literally grows up while shunting to and fro between home and school to think about it every day between the age of 5 to 18 i.e exasperating15+ years !!!! How should be this place called the school?shouldn’t it is the home away from home.Similarly shouldn’t a home be school away from school?Most of the kids don’t get leisurely time at the home.No time to calm themselves or getting bored, which by the way is most creative state of mind.

Not only government and policymakers, but the parents also should have clarity about what they are doing with our national assets -“Our children”.

We are not even successful to reduce the weight of school bags, yet.After years of the blame game, the child still carries it.With all the research and media attention it got the issue remains as news clip, to say we do think of it on the intellectual platform.

State board or CBSE board basically both are same. No difference in the talks about standard, easy ways to learn and a continuous process of learning etc, etc. the Basic difference is like once in year exam or exam every week, that’s it. In state board, children are burdened for a year-end exam and CBSE they are chasing the child every week.Can you imagine the continuous pressure ?? No wonder children are unable to handle the frustration. In spite of all the pathetic attempts to improve curriculum, we failed to create curiosity of average student.

The point is what am I doing about it What are we doing about it?

When my children were in 8th and 5th grade respectively and we were working couple were juggling with job, children and family and successfully proving ourselves as superhuman- parents. Always keeping abreast with professional upskilling and social awareness but now I think so many other parents were doing same today.

There comes Arushi case which made us think about Adolescence Psychology, then heard about Nirbhaya case we woke up to social safety issues and juvenile law and then so many seasonal child suicides ??? In which country does this happen ?? except our own Mahan Desh that a child is cornered to this extent to perform in school?We are doing a social crime and each one of us is responsible.

All this made me ask what am I doing ? working for a salary, getting stuck in a high profile job, getting a prompt fat paycheck, basking in social respect and our own glory.Taking care of my 2 children wasn’t much when millions of children who need change, change in education, change in the way we look at them is the pressing need.

Children are struggling when they themselves are growing up into adults. They have so many challenges in this modern age.Rather they never enjoyed the sweet nectar called “Childhood”.We are giving plenty …..but plenty is not enough, without interesting days. Education, without an opportunity to learn. Skill development without an opportunity to earn. Teachers without competency.We have a system where attendance is compulsory for students and teachers are used at election booth or for a head count for the census year round.Teachers attendance in every school every class is not yet compulsory.

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